Tick pictures and information  

Life time

Most ticks have three hosts during their lifetime, because at every stage (except as an egg)  they take one host to feed from.

As adults, ticks engorge while they are having their meal. To engorge means that their body will fill with blood from their host until it is swollen.

Ticks cannot move very quickly. This means that when they want to look for a host, they will have to find suitable objects and wait for their meals to pass by. That is why you will easily find ticks on the tips of grasses or fences. There, they will be waiting until they feel (from vibrations) or detect exhaled carbon dioxide from their host. They also feel heat through the first pair of the tick's legs. 

When this time has come, they will fall from their positions onto the host or they will stretch out to grab them. A tick can even detect the shadow of a passing host!

This is something they will do their entire life because they live to eat and to breed.

After their meal as and adult, the male and female tick will reproduce and die.