Tick pictures and information  


This infection is caused if ticks carry the Coxiella burnetii bacteria which can cause pneumonia and hepatitis in its early stage. When you enter the chronic stage the bacteria can cause an infection of the heart valves.

Symptoms early stage: +/- 20 days after the tick bite

-          flu-like syndrome; lasts for about 3 weeks and can involve high fevers, headaches and musle aches

-          pneumonia; cough and fever

-          hepatitis

-          rashes

-          meningitis

-          myocarditis

-          pericarditis

Treatment: antibiotics (doxycycline)


Symptoms chronic stage: infected for more than 6 months

-          infection of the heart valves

-          infection of aneurysms

-          liver dysfunction

-          lung scarring

Treatment: a combination of doxycycline and hydroxychloroquine