Tick pictures and information  

Tick removal tools


 tweezers for removing ticksThere are special tweezers to remove ticks. As you can see in the picture, the tweezers has a broad, flat set of jaws that closes automatically.

How to use it? You hold the tweezers with your thumb and forefinger and then you press on the end of the tweezers which will cause the jaws to open up. The next step is to clasp the tick completely between the jaws and turn the tweezers 2 or 3 times around.

Only then, you can gently pull the tick out of the skin.



remove ticks with a cardThis is the one of the newest designs in tools to remove ticks. It looks like a creditcard, but has grooves that come together in a point. These grooves need to be shoved underneath the tick. The last step is to shove the card further and that will automatically remove the tick.

Another shape of this tool is the spoon (see picture). It works the same.



 tick removal with a freeze toolThis is also a way to remove ticks that has recently been discovered. You have to have a tool called the Tickner to freeze the tick as follows: you spray a cold spray onto the tick by pressing the button twice which will make the tick freeze. Afterwards, you can easily remove the tick with the built-in tick remover.



 tick removal with a twisters

This is the the simplest and safest way to remove ticks from your skin.  It is available in most pet shops and veterinary clinics. When you use this tool you have to put the tick between the V lift the hook very tightly and turn it. The tick is removed without leaving the mouthparts behind

The tick will also remain on the twister so it won't fall on the ground and bites you again.




When you do not have any tools around to remove the tick, you can also try it manually: moisten your finger tip with saliva and gently but continually make circles on the tick. It will then let go of the skin. Important is that you immediately squeeze the tick between your fingernails as soon as it lets go because otherwise it will fasten its teeth into your skin again.


The last step after the removal of the tick is to disinfect the skin using alcohol and check if any red circles occur.