Tick pictures and information  


Ticks can be found all over the world, but they will be more present around warm climates.

In the north of Europe, in the US and everywhere sheep are, you can easily find the Deer Tick.

The Brown Dog Tick does not need nature to survive. It can live its entire life indoors and that is the reason why it can live in colder climates as well as in warm ones. This means that the Brown Dog Tick can be found all over the world.

The American Dog Tick is, as derived from its name, mostly found in the United States, especially throughout North-America.

The Lone Star Tick is also a tick that is often found in America, especially in the South-central and South-east parts and especially on animals or humans that live indoors.

The Rocky Mountain Wood Tick is, as the name predicts, mostly found in the Rocky Mountain States and in South-western Canada.

The Gulf Coast Ticks are mostly found at the coast of Virginia into Texas as well as in West IndiesMexico and South America. The distribution of this tick went from the Atlantic Coast to the GulfCoast.

The Groundhog Ticks are normally found in the New England States or any areas where groundhogs can be found.

The Woodchuck Tick can primarily be found in America (Eastern as well as Central) and also in Eastern Canada.

The Rabbit Tick is distributed all over the world because rabbits can be found anywhere.

The Fowl Tick can be found all over the world, but mostly inside poultry houses, because they like to hunt there.

The Relapsing Fever Tick is normally found all over the world, especially in places where there is war, poverty and overcrowding because this is fertile ground for these ticks.

The Winter Tick is most often found in Canada.

The Bat Tick can be found everywhere bats live.