Tick pictures and information  

How to remove a tick

Tick removal

As soon as you spot a tick, it is very important to remove the animal immediately to reduce the chance of getting a disease.


It is NOT recommended to put alcohol or oil on the tick before removing it because this can make the tick empty the contents of its stomach directly into your body. It is then that you have a much bigger chance of getting infected with diseases the tick carries at that time.


What is the best way to remove a tick ?

I personnally think a twister is the best way to remove a tick because it always remove the ticks mouthparts completely from the skin. A twister is an easy to use and quick tool. It also prevents squeezing the tick wich reduces the risk of infection.

1) As u can see on the image below you should grab the tick with the hook until it is stuck. The best way to do this, is to approach the tick by the side.

2) In the following step u should lift the twister slightly and turn it around 2-3 times. 

3) At last you should disinfect the skin using alcohol and check if any red circles occur. 



The mouth of a tick includes a hypostome which is implanted in the skin during the tick bite. There are a lot of hooks on this hypostome so it's difficult to remove it. That's why you never pull a tick with your fingers.

Another dangerous aspect of using your fingers is that u will put a pressure on the ticks body and it will throw up wich increases the risk of disease.

By using a specialised tick twister the tick is turned out of the skin and this lowers the risk of breaking the ticks legs.



It's always safer to consult a doctor in case of a tickbite.